Ultra-light Men’s Casual Shoes Scrub Leather Elevated Shoes 6cm

The modern male star, unless the film is taken in the past, the clothes outside the play can be the same, and the image and status have been quietly transferred from the clothing to another “line” – that is, the male Elevated Shoes Ultra- Light Men’s Casual Shoes Scrub Leather Increased Shoes 6.0 cm.

There is an interesting coincidence. The biggest characteristic of performance is that singing and reading are combined with real and false sounds, and the role of male Elevated Shoes is high, and the height of modern male stars is confusing between true and false. Since I have devoted myself to acting careers, no matter in ancient times or in modern times, people must be guaranteed before, and the beauty of the stage image must be maintained. The strength depends on strength, the lack of strength depends on external forces, and the lack of height is not only often with drama. The image does not match, and it is not good to maintain the usual star fan. Therefore, the shoes for boys have become as important as the acting and the clothes (clothing). All three must always be outstanding. Otherwise, the stars will be embarrassed, fans To be sad, the market must abandon.

Elevated Shoes

From the old name to the modern actor, since the idol star, the image problem is the biggest and most terrible problem. There is a good name in the name, male stars must have boys to increase shoes. At present, it is quite common for male stars to wear Elevator Shoes. The news of various tabloids is also gossip, and everyone should be familiar with them.

In the past two years, the mainland has participated in “China’s Good Voices”. The collections have screamed the students and fans, and the producers and guides have died. Jay Chou, can’t talk less than “employees”, and the week tutor should not be shorter than the students. Therefore, he usually plays a concert or attends an event, and he wears Elevator Shoes that are at least 4 cm higher. He insisted that he would not fall in love with a girl who is taller than himself. Now he is married and has children, and he is filled in by Wang Ling. The height is 165cm, and the open height of Jay Chou is 175cm.

Elevated Shoes

At first glance, it seems that the height is also a difference, but Kunling wearing a wedding dress is definitely wearing Height Increasing Shoes, then Jay Chou can only maintain the height difference by wearing male shoes. The careful netizens found that the height difference is definitely not only 10cm. It can be seen that the increase in the length of the shoes is not a few centimeters.

This is actually a star photo of two men wearing Height Increasing Shoes. Looking at the shoes of Jay Chou, the height of the shoes is very obvious.
Look at Jay Chou and the actual height of 171 Chen Hao Xun. In general, Jay Chou’s actual height of 171cm should be accurate. Well, if you are filming, you can’t even increase the shoes. For example, when you shoot “The Golden Flower in the City”, you must play with Chow Runfa, who is 180-182cm in height. The crew will break the news and Jay Chou will wear it. Increase the height of 10 cm in the costumes, and put a thick insole on the flat-bottomed shoes.

Elevated Shoes

Such as the heavyweight star like Jay Chou, for the role needs, the stage needs, but also for the daily appearance of the need to wear men’s shoes, other famous, or on the road to the famous male stars, wearing high shoes is normal Now!