Men’s Genuine Leather Increased Leather Casual Elevator Shoes 5.5CM

Men’s Genuine Leather Increased Leather Casual Elevator Shoes 5.5CM are very much on the market today. Some of the inner increased leather shoes are as comfortable as flat heel shoes, while some of the inner increased leather shoes are as uncomfortable as high heels. It may even affect your health. Next, I will introduce from four points how to buy men’s inner heightening leather shoes?

The first point is to look at the leather: good quality Elevator Shoes will be made of high-quality leather materials such as calf leather and first layer leather; however, there are some artificial leather or shaving leather as leather in the market, which is second-best.

Simple identification of genuine and fake leather: Pressing it by hand, there will be very thin and dense irregular patterns, that is, cowhide. If there is no pattern or the pattern is relatively thick, most of it is artificial leather or two-layer leather.

Height Increasing Shoes

The second point is to look at the inside of the Elevator Sneakers: the leather inside has good air permeability, it is not easy to cover the feet, and it is not easy to smell the feet. Identify whether the inside is genuine leather, you can look carefully at the back of the inner heightened leather shoes. The good quality inner heightened leather shoes are hairy leather materials, and the poor gauze or smooth leather

The third point is to look at the height increase: good height increase leather Elevator Sneakers now use imported PU height increase, the curve design that fits the shape of the foot, the height increase insole is made by a yardage and a mold, with high elasticity, but it will not Sagging, at the same time has a comfortable curve design, in line with human physiological characteristics, natural and comfortable to wear.

Height Increasing Shoes

The fourth point is to look at the soles: the soles of good heightened leather Height Increasing Shoes are generally high-quality rubber materials. Such soles are more wear-resistant and durable, while poor soles are easy to wear and may even break.

In addition to the above four points, choosing a good brand is also more important. Choosing a good brand is quite the same as choosing high-quality and comfortable products and professional after-sales service.